The FS95 – innovative engineering with an optimized structure for long-life and high strength to weight ratio. The shear is designed with maintenance in mind that includes a large, removable access panels for component replacement. There is a significantly enlarged pivot group that eliminates the need for auto guide and dramatically improves the performance and durability of the shear, along with a massive two piece piercing tip which doubles the size of the protected area. The upper and lower jaws are made from 6″ high-yield structural plate steel which significantly reduces the need for laminations. 

Watch the FS95 in action. 

  FS95R FS95S
Shear Weight 21,600 lbs
9,798 KGs
19,700 lbs
8,936 KGs
Jaw Opening 39 in
991 mm
39 in
991 mm
Jaw Depth 42 in
1,067 mm
42 in
1,067 mm
Reach 13’7″
4.14 m
4.01 m
Min-Max Excavator Boom Mount 105,000 – 200,000 lbs
50 – 91 T
105,000 – 200,000 lbs
50 – 91 T
Min. Excavator Stick Mount 185,000 – 250,000 lbs
84 – 113 T
185,000 – 250,000 lbs
84 – 113 T
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Download (Metric Measurements) Spec Sheet Spec Sheet

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