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Ian Lewandowski

Director – Global Accounts Scrap/Demolition
ISRI National Board of Directors 
ISRI Chair of Equipment and Service Providers Committee
(218) 576-5224

Almost 20 years in the industry—“The scrap and demolition industries are in my blood. I’ve been fortunate enough to represent the highest quality heavy equipment, designed by the most talented and experienced engineers and manufacturers, combined with a ridiculous commitment to service and support. I love my job.”

Chris Fodor

Regional Business Manager
(513) 257-9038

Over 15 years in the industry— “It means a lot to work for great people, with respect and integrity, who empower you to do your job and stand behind you. It’s even better when the company builds a product that you can absolutely be proud to represent.” 

Leah Glucoft, Regional Business Manager

Leah Glucoft

Regional Business Manager
(503) 545-0749

Leah has been with the company for over five years but is a 3rd generation scrapper.  “Sales is not just about just making money. It’s about doing what’s right for the customer and making a lasting impression.  It’s about knowing when to listen and when to ask the right questions”.  What’s Leah’s favorite thing about the scrap industry? The people!

Leah is also the regional business manager for BladeCore

Vaughn Ali

Regional Business Manager

Vaughn has been a part of the ShearCore and Connect Work Tools team, since 2021 and has two decades of experience serving the scrap and demolition industries.

Being able to solve customers’ needs in an industry I love is what I am all about. This opportunity allows me to provide a more comprehensive solution of industry leading products to our customers and dealer partners in the Southeast.”

Vaughn is also the regional business manager for Connect Work Tools

Contact Terry Sturgell

Terry Sturgell Jr.

Sr. Director – Business Development
NDA Marketing and Communications Chair
(772) 418-4844

13 years in the industry—“I have had the opportunity to meet and work with plenty of hard working honest people, and am proud to be part of this industry. Working with ShearCore gives me an opportunity to work with a close knit team that has the same core values of honor and integrity that I hold so dearly.”

Terry is a member of Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries – ISRI,  the National Demolition Association, the National Federation of Demolition Contractors – NFDC and the European Demolition Association – EDA 

Bryan Bromme, Inside Sales Manager

Bryan Bromme

Inside Sales Manager
(715) 395-5805

Bryan has been an integral part of the ShearCore since 2016. Bryan works with the sales team, our dealers and our operations team to ensure a timely delivery of new shears. 




Our team loves to talk all things shears. 

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ShearCore is an Exodus Global company, which also includes BladeCore, Connect Work Tools, RockZone Americas,  and OilQuick Americas 

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