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ShearCore Chris Fodor

Chris Fodor

Regional Business Manager

(513) 257-9038

9 years in the industry—”It means a lot to work for great people, with respect and integrity, who empower you to do your job and stand behind you. It’s even better when the company builds a product that you can absolutely be proud to represent.”

Contact ShearCore Ian Lewandowski

Ian Lewandowski

Regional Business Manager & Marketing Manager

(218) 576-5224

17 years in the industry—“The scrap industry is in my blood. I’ve been fortunate enough to represent the highest quality heavy equipment, designed by the most talented and experienced engineers and manufacturers, combined with a ridiculous commitment to service and support. I love my job.”

Contact ShearCore Terry Sturgell

Terry Sturgell Jr.

Regional Business Manager

(772) 418-4844

13 years in the industry—“I have had the opportunity to meet and work with plenty of hard working honest people, and am proud to be part of this industry. Working with ShearCore gives me an opportunity to work with a close knit team that has the same core values of honor and integrity that I hold so dearly.”

ShearCore Kenny Bradshaw

Kenny Bradshaw

Regional Business Manager

(218) 343-6803

17 years in the industry—“I came out of retirement and joined ShearCore because of the product lines we offer and the spirit, drive and integrity of the people in the organization. So, if you see a cloud of dust blow thru the yard and you get a real strong whiff of mothballs, look close, maybe ol’ Kenny is stopping by to say howdy.”

Contact ShearCore Tommy Jansen

Tommy Jansen

Regional Business Manager

(641) 638-0793

13 years in the industry—“This industry is built on relationships and lifetime friendships, most importantly. Let’s cut to the heart of it, surrounding yourself with a great and innovative product along with a group of people that feel as though they are family is every sales person’s dream.”

Contact ShearCore Terry Sturgell Sr.

Terry Sturgell, Sr.

National Accounts and Business Development Manager

(772) 418-4844

ShearCore Bryan

Bryan Bromme

Inside Sales Manager

(715) 395-5805

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