Who is Shearcore?

Powerfully Driven by Excellence: Great People, Superior Products, Unwavering Customer Satisfaction

At ShearCore, we embrace a fundamental belief that fuels our every endeavor: hiring exceptional individuals, crafting unrivaled products, and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

As a division of Exodus Global—a privately held, family-owned enterprise headquartered in Superior, WI—ShearCore stands at the vanguard of innovation. We have a distinct focus on the design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and support of a comprehensive range of processing equipment customized for the scrap recycling and demolition sectors.

The Fortress Revolution

ShearCore: Redefining Demolition and Scrap Recycling Worldwide

With pioneering design, seasoned engineers, and world-class manufacturing, ShearCore has emerged as the global benchmark in demolition and scrap recycling systems. Our deep-rooted ties to these industries span over three decades, providing unparalleled insight into the challenges they face.

In 2008, Bruce Bacon, along with Jim Campbell (Sr. VP of Operations) and Ian Lewandowski (Director of Global Accounts), founded Exodus Global with the aim of revolutionizing the material handler industry through the design and manufacturing of Exodus material handlers. ShearCore was established in 2014 as a new addition to Exodus Global’s product lineup.  ShearCore rewarded customers with high-quality demolition products supported by superior customer service

Our leadership team boasts nearly a century of collective experience in scrap, recycling, and demolition. Our employees’ talents and dedication fuel our commitment to exceptional quality and customer service, driving our success.

ShearCore, is an Exodus Global company, a collective of industry-leading companies. This includes BladeCore, OilQuick Americas, Connect Work Tools, and RockZone Americas.

Our commitment extends to our valued customers, trusted vendors, and cherished employees. Driven by unwavering integrity, we ignite passion and ensure a journey toward excellence.

Join forces with ShearCore and step into a world where innovation reigns supreme, integrity thrives, and shared success awaits

Kevin Boreen, CEO & Murray Johnson, Owner
This is Fortress.

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