The FS25 – innovative engineering with an optimized structure for long-life and high strength to weight ratio. The shear is designed with maintenance in mind including large, removable access panels for component replacement. Piston rotation motor is standard in the shear and the machine is center line balanced which eliminates drift. The shear has a massive two piece piercing tip that doubles the size of the protected area and includes taller blades with more parent material which results in a stronger jaw. 

Watch and see the Fortress shear in action. 

Shear Weight5,600 lbs
2,550 KGs
5,200 lbs
2,360 KGs
Jaw Opening23 in
584 mm
23 in
584 mm
Jaw Depth19 in
483 mm
19 in
483 mm
2.64 m
2.56 m
Min-Max Excavator Boom Mount30,000 – 60,000 lbs
14 – 27 T
30,000 – 60,000 lbs
14 – 27 T
Min. Excavator Stick Mount45,000 – 90,000 lbs
20 – 41 T
45,000 – 90,000 lbs
20 – 41 T
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Download (Metric Measurements)Spec SheetSpec Sheet

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