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Attachments for the Scrap Recycling & Demolition Industries

ShearCore, based in Superior, Wisconsin, specializes in crafting cutting-edge Fortress mobile shears and demolition shears. Our comprehensive range of severe-duty excavator mounted hydraulic attachments is tailored specifically for the scrap recycling and demolition sectors.

Fortress attachments exemplify sophistication and structural integrity, incorporating years of experience and leveraging state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

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Fortress mobile shears embody cutting-edge design and engineering, featuring an optimized structure that ensures exceptional durability and a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. Our experienced team has developed a maintenance-friendly design with longevity in mind.

With our extensive experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities, we adhere to a straightforward philosophy: prioritizing precision machining over excessive welding, resulting in attachments that are stronger and longer-lasting.

Demolition Shears

The Fortress Demolition Shear revolutionizes primary demolition. Our FC Series model is a purpose-built attachment that sets the standard for crushing and processing concrete in both primary and secondary demolition tasks, delivering unparalleled power throughout its entire reach.

But what makes it a Demolition Shear? The Fortress FC series represents a groundbreaking class of tools, featuring exceptional construction and capabilities. With a solid upper structure and a press-fit pivot group (similar to our shears), it achieves precise tolerances that enable rebar shearing all the way to the tip.

What our customers are saying

“We’re pretty hard on our gear, so brands we can rely to deliver long-term performance 24/7 is vital,” states Trevor Munro, founder of Metalcorp NZ Ltd.

One of those brands is Fortress ShearCore, a born and bred US range, which has lifted shear technology to the next level and is now recognized by many as an international benchmark, Trevor says.



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