Fortress - Attachments for the Scrap Recycling & Demolition Industries.

ShearCore designs and manufactures Fortress mobile shears and demolition shears in Superior, Wisconsin. A full-line of severe duty excavator mounted hydraulic attachments, designed for the scrap recycling and demolition industries.

Fortress attachments are sophisticated and structurally sound. Designed by experience, built with state of the art manufacturing.

What our customers are saying…

“We’re pretty hard on our gear, so brands we can rely to deliver long-term performance 24/7 is vital,” states Trevor Munro, founder of Metalcorp NZ Ltd.

One of those brands is Fortress ShearCore, a born and bred US range, which has lifted shear technology to the next level and is now recognized by many as an international benchmark, Trevor says.


Fortress mobile shears offer innovative design and engineering, with an optimized structure for long life and high strength to weight ratio. An experienced design with maintenance in mind.

Given our experience and our manufacturing abilities, we have a simple philosophy: more machining and less welding equals stronger, longer lasting attachments.

The Fortress Demolition Shear has redefined primary demolition. The demolition shear is a powerful attachment built for crushing and processing concrete in both primary and secondary demolition. The FC offers unmatched power all the way out to the tip. 


Get a behind the scene look into the Fortress with our manufacturing team –
Jim Campbell, VP of Operations and Ross Christensen – Engineer for the Fortress. 


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