Copex - Portable and Stationary Shears

For more than 60 years, COPEX has been designing and manufacturing shear/logger/balers for the metal recycling industry. 

With more than 800 machines working in the field COPEX is one of the world leaders in the market. 

ShearCore is proud to distribute and support the COPEX line which is reliable, robust, efficient and innovative. 

The LIDEX is the first side compression machine in the world having a fully automatic cycle. This cycle includes the dropping of scrap from the pre-load table into the compression box, the pre-compression of the log and the complete cutting cycle.

The oversized lid and the original kinematic design of the pre-load table contribute to considerably reducing scrap preparation and cycle times.

The Reflex portable shear/logger/balers are versatile machines exclusively designed and engineered for shearing, logging and baling a variety of materials. 

  • Full length slide-block reduces stress and improves durability
  • New advanced design of wing geometry optimizes box closing power and reduces cycle times
  • Extensive soundproofing of engine compartment
  • Synchronization of hydraulic and PLC have been optimized to create the fastest and smoothest operation


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