Reflex Series

Reflex Series - Portable and Semi-Portable Shears

The Reflex Series are portable shear/logger/balers are versatile machines exclusively designed and engineered for shearing, logging and bailing a variety of materials. The unique innovation ensures quality and reliability, unequaled for a range for mobile shears. The full-length slide-block reduces stress and improves durability. 

The new Copex innovate design of wing geometry optimizes box closing power and reduces cycle times and the Reflex has extensive soundproofing of engine compartment by means of soundproofing materials and large acoustic panels. Additionally, synchronization of the hydraulics and PLC has been optimized to create the fastest and smoothest operation. 

North American Road-Legal

Mechanical or hydraulic gooseneck available. Go from shearing or baling to transporting down the road in less than an hour. All air and electric quick connects are completely protected in the side compartment of the machine during operation. Wheels are located far away from falling scrap to save on the cost of constant tire replacement. Ultra-low shipping height 13’6”

Semi-portable version available

The Reflex can be delivered in a semi-mobile version.

Reflex shear head

The new standard for reliability and longevity. The Reflex integrates an innovative guiding system for slide-block; it is the first portable machine to offer a full-length slide-block that has the same technology as the Copex stationary shears. The perfectly balanced distribution of the cutting forces considerably increases the reality of the shear head.

Efficiency of the box

The unique design of the wings allows the material to be optimally pressed during the compacting phase. The shear maximizes compacting forces at the end of the box closing phase when the material is most dense and cycle times are considerably reduced.

Reflex 750/950 available with preload table

By means of the preload table, the scrap can be loaded as a background task by the operator, even with the box is closed.

Easy Operation

The Reflex integrates a state-of-the-art remote control which can be operated from your material handler or anywhere giving the customer the ultimate in flexibility.


ModelCutting Force (Tons)Hold-Down Force (Tons)Compression Box Width (Feet)Power of Diesel Engine (hp/Kw)Power of Electrical Motor (Hp/kW)Mobile VersionPortable VersionProduction of BalesHydraulic Fastening of Blade/LockingCabinPreload Table
Reflex 56056011016250/180160/120YesYesYes
Reflex 75073013220375/276280/210YesYesYesYesYesYes
Reflex 95098522023550/408500/370YesYesYesYesYes


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