Lidex Series

Lidex Series – Hydraulic Scrap Shears with Side Compression

The Copex Lides Series – Hydraulic scrap shears with side compression are specifically designed for the compacting and shearing of heavy and bulky scrap. Lidex machines achieve very high production levels with reduced operational costs. 

With the Lidex, Copex introduces a new concept of machine which ideally fulfills the requirements of the professionals in the metal recycling industry. Copex offers the Lidex as the first side compression machine in the world having a fully automatic cycle. 

Safe and easy maintenance, minimizing costs

The machine is delivered with a maintenance worker’s platform with specific tools to make the changing of blades precise, fast and safe. The Lidex also has a blade locking system that requires NO bolts or nuts – replacing cutting knives is reduced by 50%. The Lidex comes standard with a progressive auto-lube system for the slide block which ensures that each grease point receives the proper amount of grease at the proper frequency, maximizing the life of the wear parts.

Compacting Efficiency

The Lidex is the only machine which offers a complete automatic cycle for closing the compression box – reducing the time necessary to close the box to 20 seconds. The innovative kinematics of the pre-load table, scrap gets directed into the pusher zone, directly under the lid – reducing the number of movements. The automatic box closing cycle is possible through the extremely high performance of the lid – covering 80% of the chamber in closed position.

Shear Frame

The Lidex offers a very high cutting performance of 7 strokes per minute. The Lidex shear head is equipped with a “rail breaker”, the shear frame is designed to process the hardest and toughest scrap. The extremely long guiding of the slide-block optimizes and maintains the clearance between the blades and ensures consistent cutting performance.

Efficient Hydraulics

An excellent cutting performance of 7 cuts per minute with a reduction of energy consumption is possible with the Lidex as various automatic movements are operated simultaneously. The new generation, high performance pumps contribute to improved cycle times.

Operation Control

The simple and intuitive touch screen displays all production parameters and machine running data.


ModelCutting Force (Tons)Compression Box Length (Feet/Inches)Compression Box Width (Feet/Inches)Cutting Width (Feet/Inches)Power of Electrical Motor (Hp/kW)Production Output (Tons)
Lidex 90088519’8″6’7″2′, 2’8″3×150 / 3×11045
Lidex 11001,09026’3″6’7″2′, 2’8″, 3’3″4×150 / 4×11060
Lidex 14001,44026’3″8’6″2’8″, 3’3″, 5’5″5×150 / 5×11088
Lidex 19001,94026’3″8’6″5’5″8×150 / 8×110120

Electrical or diesel power available. Option for hydraulic drive inside container. Contact us for more info.


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