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We have made a commitment to hire the best people and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We know that our promise to focus on customer satisfaction hinges on our team members and their ability to meet your needs. We are confident that we have a sales and service team that is unparalleled in the industry and that we will make good on our promises.

Bruce Bacon 2014 2

Bruce Bacon

President “I’ve served in the scrap processing industry for over 30 years and I’ve clearly learned that this industry is loyal to those that provide an excellent product, build personal relationships, and stand behind what they sell. I think my teams and I have earned the right to say that we have proven to do exactly that.”

Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell

VP Operations When it comes to manufacturing mobile shears, nothing matters more than experience, and no one has more than Jim Campbell. When you combine Jim’s knowledge and passion with state of the art machining centers, a new factory and a hand picked crew of welders, machinists and assemblers, you have the best the industry can offer.

Cheri Boreen 2

Cheri Boreen

ShearCore Parts Specialist 601-675-2673

Paul Houseman 2015

Paul Houseman

ShearCore Service Manager 601-675-2673 (715) 919-4007

Ross Christenson 2

Ross Christenson

Lead Designer When ShearCore was still just an idea, we knew there was a non-negotiable point in the business plan. We had to have Ross Christenson. His reputation for sophisticated, yet simple designs, decades of experience and logical, innovative engineering are things we couldn’t do without.



Our Regional Business Managers have extensive experience working in the metal recycling industry. Because they represent the industry’s only company that offers a full shear line, they have the ability to consult with you and find the best fit for your business.

Chris Fodor 2

Chris Fodor

ShearCore Regional Manager (513) 257-9038 5 years in the industry—”It means a lot to work for great people, with respect and integrity, who empower you to do your job and stand behind you. It’s even better when the company builds a product that you can absolutely be proud to represent.“ North East, PA, OH, MI – International: Toronto

Ian Lewandowski 2

Ian Lewandowski

ShearCore Regional Manager & Marketing Manager (218) 576-5224 15 years in the industry—”The scrap industry is in my blood. I’ve been fortunate enough to represent the highest quality heavy equipment designed by the most talented and experienced engineers & manufacturers, combined with a ridiculous commitment to service and support. I love my job.” WI,MN,ND,SD,CO,WY,MT,ID,OR,WA, AK, Upper MI – International: Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Kenny Bradshaw 2015

Kenny Bradshaw

ShearCore Regional Manager (218) 343-6803 16 years in the industry—”I came out of retirement and joined ShearCore because of the product lines we offer and the spirit, drive and integrity of the people in the organization. So, if you see a cloud of dust blow thru the yard and you get a real strong whiff of mothballs, look close, maybe ol’ Kenny is stopping by to say howdy.” Western FL, GA, AL, MS, TN

Terry Sturgell

Terry Sturgell

ShearCore Regional Manager (772) 418-4844 12 years in the industry—”I have had the opportunity to meet and work with plenty of hard working, honest people and am proud to be part of this industry. Working with ShearCore gives me an opportunity to work with a close knit team that has the same core values of honor and integrity that I hold so dearly.” E.FL, VA, NC, SC, S.TX, LA, AZ, CA, NV, UT, HI – International: U.K., Turkey

Tommy Jansen

ShearCore Regional Manager (641) 638-0793 12 years in the industry—”This industry is built on relationships and lifetime friendships, most importantly. Let’s cut to the heart of it, surrounding yourself with a great and innovative product along with a group of people that feel as though they are family is every sales person’s dream.” N.TX, AR, OK, MO, KS, NE, IA, IN, IL, KY, NM – International: France, Spain, Italy, Belgium

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